Welcome to RHA!

Welcome to RHA!

Welcome to Roller Hockey Australia!

Roller Hockey in Australia is undertaking a new beginning in 2013

In regards to key priorities for 2013 we have a lot to do. The new Roller Hockey committee has the following key objectives – increase the number of games, number of referees, number of coaches and number of new players. For me, these 4 components are key and crucial for our success.

The strategy developed is simple and direct in which I expect us all to contribute.

The strategy is made up of 3 key stages – 1) Recruit , 2) Develop 3) Retain

We are now in stage 1, 2013 is the year of Recruit

This stage will focus on rebuilding the national Roller hockey committee along with re-establishing state level organising committees.This stage will additionally focus on recruiting active and non-active players to support development of new players. This stage is critical for our success as this is the foundation we require to ensure long term sustainability of our sport.

Stage 2: Development

Once we have recruiting additional players, coaches, referees and clubs we need to ensure development takes place – as per any organisation and or individual Development is required to ensure we relevant, motivated and engaged

Stage 3: Retain

Retention of our players, officials and clubs is an area we must improve on – Our focus in stage 3 is to ensure we have the necessary structure and opportunities for individuals and clubs to keep active and involved

I indicated earlier this strategy is simple and direct and something we should all aspire to – our journey will take a number of years and I encourage you all to participate and be active in Roller Hockey where you have the passion and willingness to participate.