Stephen Hoey new Men’s National Coach


The australian Men’s national squad has got a new Coach: former international player for Australia, Stephen Hoey. Here is what the new coach has to say about his objectives and tactics for this new role:

IMG_3393I am pleased and honored to have the opportunity to take on the role of the Australian senior men’s coach. The information provided below is an extract of my proposal to Skate Australia. It also includes my experience and approach to coaching the Australian Senior Men’s team

Coaching background/experience
My roller hockey career has spanned more than 25 year, with a playing career that includes Australian representation at 7 World Championships and international club representation in Switzerland and Portugal.
As a coach I have actively been involved in training and educating players over the past 12 years, and have successfully coached club and state teams in Victoria

• 2000 – 2006 Senior Men’s coach for Paco De Arcos, 5 senior men’s titles
• 2007-2011 Football Club Barcelona, Roller Hockey Coaching Academy
• 2012-2014 Senior Men’s Coach – Melbourne Roller Hockey Club – 2 titles
• 2012-2014 Junior Development Coach – Melbourne Roller Hockey Club

Approach/Tactics for 2014
Roller Hockey in Australia requires increased attention and a specific focus to ensure it is able to increase its abilities at an international level.
The 3 key areas for national roller hockey players are:
1) Physical readiness
2) Tactical knowledge
3) Technical ability
As Australian senior men’s coach I will address all 3 areas. This will occur through building relationships with players and other coaches and an appropriate number of training sessions (both practical and theoretical)

2014 Objectives
Due to Australia not being properly prepared to compete at a major international for a number of years, it now requires the future national team to rebuild in all key areas of roller hockey (physical, tactical and technical)
Australia has recently been invited to the Asian Championship, due to be held in September2014. The objective of the Australia team will be to finish this event in the top 3 teams. This I believe will be achievable with the appropriate dedication and commitment from the players and coach
The Coaches Expectation
I expect the following from each player
• Minimum 2 times per week on skates training
• Minimum 3 times per week off skates training (following a specific training plan)
• Each player to be actively involved in Roller Hockey Development and contribute in some way; eg Junior development, coaching, refereeing, learn to skate program, communications and marketing
As a member of the Australian roller hockey team it is up to us to ensure that the current players are engaged and participating in developing the sport. As a priority each person much ensure we are making the sport better tomorrow than what it is today.

Stephen Hoey