Champions Cup 2014 has begun

The Champions Cup has begun, with 3 senior games being played in advance of this weekend’s competition in Brisbane


First game and surprise of the competition

South Queensland Masters has had a great start of the competition, winning 8-5 against South Queensland in the first surprise of the tournament, and 4-1 win against the Queensland Ladies team. With still a good number of games to go, Queensland will have 4 strongs sides figthing for the cup.


Victoria has a good win against their Masters

Down south in Victoria, both teams had a good game, finishing 7-2 for the Victoria 1 team, but with the Victoria Masters showing good skills and experience. Victoria has been training since May, mentally preparing for the tough competition.

So far these 3 games only prove that all teams are going to be ready to give 100% on each game. With a total of 24 games left to play on the weekend, including Senior, Junior, Youth and Pee Wee divisions, these weekend is looking like the perfect hockey weekend.

We hope to see you all at the two locations, Stafford and D2 Browns Plain. For more information, and live results, please check and follow the official Champions Cup 2014 page here.