Australia VS Catalunya

CAT-AUS-237On the 14th of December 2 nations came together in Melbourne Australia to share cultures, friendship and the passion of one sport , Roller Hockey.

Albert Park Lake, home of the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix was the location for the day.

A selection of australian and catalan players living in Melbourne decided to participate in a exhibition match. Both nations had a number of families and friends present who witnessed how Roller Hockey brings people together.

The day started with 2 local club teams (Mordialloc Roller Skating Club and the Melbourne Roller Hockey Club) having a youth match. Youth players are 13 years and under.

Free skating lessons were available to new and interested children which were hosted by both australian and catalan players.

The main event between Australia and Catalunya was a great spectacle of skills, strength and fair play. In the end the score was not important, it was a day for the children, the 2 nations and the one sport that was the winner – Roller Hockey

All photos by Carla Cava