The Aussies get ready for #AUSvNZ

The Aussies get ready for #AUSvNZ

The past 3rd of July the Australian Team Presentation Night took place at the Mordialloc Sports Hotel. It was the official team presentation night where all players from all divisions where announced by head coach Stephen Hoey.

The event, supported by both sponsors AZEMAD and JOST, was a good gathering of most of the players that will wear the Green & Gold during the Trans-Tasman Test Series against New Zealand on the 1st and 2nd of August.

Here is what Head Coach and Chairman of Roller Hockey Australia, Stephen Hoey had to say:

All the players here tonight have gained their right to wear the Golden jersey. Not forgetting that with it,comes a great responsability. New Zealand beat us last year over there. Against us they are always a very strong opponent, but we are up for the challenge.

And speaking about hockey growth in Asia-Pacific:

We are astonished to see that the sport is growing so well in the region. Today we are able to have a 5 division competition at international level. We just want to keep working together with New Zealand and helping each other to mantain this growth and have more and better competitions each year.

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Here is the official selection of players to take part in the different divisions:

Glenn Cook – Mordialloc RH Club
Lee Glass – Melbourne RH Club
Nuno Luis – Lisport RH Club
Bevan Hurley – Mackay Mustangs
James Murray – Stafford Roller Sports Club
Jason Shah – Mordialloc RH Club
Jordi Poblet – Melbourne RH Club
Cameron Boehm – Melbourne RH Club

Rees Leighton – Goal Keeper – Mordialloc RH Club
Max Cook – Captain – Mordialloc RH Club
Joel Devlin – Mordialloc RH Club
Dean Shah – Mordialloc RH Club
Keiran Moroney – Mordialloc RH Club
Adam James – Stafford Roller Skating Club
Daniel Van Driel – Stafford Roller Skating Club
Isaac Stevenson – Stafford Roller Skating Club
Matthew Bester – Stafford Roller Skating Club

James Cook – GK , Mordialloc RH Club
Ben Buhler – GK, Stafford RSC Club
Ash Clee, Mordialloc RH Club
Sam Nemtsov, Mordialloc RH Club
Tristan Dominicas, Mordialloc RH Club
Will Hoey, Melbourne RH Club
Curtis Parnell, Scorpians RH Club
Eimear Haller, Stafford RS Club
Conner Haller, Stafford RS Club
Nick Crosbie, Stafford RS Club