Trans-Tasman 2015 review

11792162_1005108632868485_2211798363687775608_oWhat a tournament! After a long time of organising, New Zealand and Australia finally clash within 5 divisions. Everyone played their guts out, from youth all the way to veterans.

Here is a review of what hapened down at the Dandenong Shed on each division over the weekend:

Youth Division

Youth-13511845041_1005107719535243_7959335689978167430_oWhat to say about the young ones…it was an absolute ripper! It was proven that the future of roller hockey in the region doesn’t lack talent and good skills. First game was a battled 2 all draw where the teams were extremely cautious with the unknown skills of the opponent. The second game of the series was a thriller, 8-9 win for the aussies coming from 3 goals down with 3 minutes to spare, and scoring the last goal in the last minute. The decider game, went to the kiwis way with a Golden Goal at extra time, after Australia draw the series in the last minute of the game. Well done you all, we have a promising future ahead, keep the good work!

1. New Zealand
2. Australia

Best Player:  Alex Thompson (NZ)
Best Goalkeeper: Jay Cook (AUS)


Junior Division

JuniorGame-50JuniorGame-133The Junior division was as fought as the Youth. With the aussies taking the win by one goal on the first game and the kiwis taking the second by the same goal difference, the third game became a Final. The game was interesting from the start, and when Australia thought they had the game under control, New Zealand strike with a goal with just 17 seconds left on the clock which allowed them to win the title for second year in a row. All Juniors showed good skills and good commitment to the sport, that has proven that at a Junior level it has a bright and healthy future ahead.

1. New Zealand
2. Australia

Best Player: Kadin Murray (NZ)
Best Goalkeeper: Brodi Skedgwell (NZ)


Senior Division

11792162_1005108632868485_2211798363687775608_o11231197_700441563432699_117160410260840023_nThe Senior division was expected to set the standard of senior mens hockey in the region, and boy, they didn’t let anyone down. Both teams not only showed a good level of hockey, but most importantly, everyone showed good manners and respect for the opponent. Australia dominated the series, even though having a bit of a scare on the first game finishing 8-7 after winning 8-3 at one stage. Second and third game had a clear Green&Gold colour. The aussies controlled the pace of game efficiently and managed to win 6-1 on the second, and 10-4 on he third. New Zealand gave their best opposition, but the aussies, playing very well connected as a team, were too good this time for the kiwis. With this result Australia takes back the Cup from New Zealand that won the last edition.

1. Australia
2. New Zealand

Best Player: Jordi Poblet (AUS)
Best Goalkeeper: Kerry Woodthorpe (NZ)


Masters Division

SeniorsGame2-321 11807434_1005112069534808_8088253783932797915_oThe Masters division also decided on the last game. After a win each on the first two games (7-3 and 3-6) the third and definitive game was a  win for the kiwis, clearly beating the aussies 9-4. Both teams played an intense competition showing the experience and good skills gathered during the years.

1. New Zealand
2. Australia

Best Player: Rob Vazey (NZ)
Best Goalkeeper: Paul Parreira (AUS)


Veterans Division

11728708_1005112376201444_4162306786717614344_o 11698741_1005112296201452_3460707327475338613_oThe Vets division saw the aussies take the win on the first two games, with a draw on the last game. It was a great door to the past, where the players that have represented their countries for so many years clashed again in a mixture of competition and remembrance of the old days. It was great to se that the legends of the sport are still active playing and having fun.

1. Australia
2. New Zealand

Best Player: Roger Bedford (NZ)
Best Goalkeeper: Tony Weiler (AUS)


11822714_700441930099329_2937935166074295198_nAll the players and organisers from Australia would like to thank the Kiwis for coming all the way from New Zealand to clash with Australia. Congratulations to all the New Zealanders who won in their division, you deserved it! Everyone’s hard training and commitment has payed off and everyone has definitely showed it off throughout the tournament.

Thanks to all the volunteer referees and time keepers that took the time and effort to contribute to the whole tournament. It couldn’t of been done without you.

We are excited to bring the great sport of roller hockey back to Australia, internationally. The kiwis coming to Australia for the first time in 20 years is amazing. This just shows the great passion that players have for the sport. To wrap it up we would like to say another thank you to all the New Zealanders who have come to play and support New Zealand in the trans-Tasman cup and we are exited for the near future of the sport.


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Article written by Ash Clee
Photos by Daniel Van Driel Photography & Carla Cava Photography

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