V.L. / Round 3


Round 3 of the Victorian League was played at the Dandenong Showgrounds. The games are getting harder due to have reached half way of the competition. With just two games to go the teams are doing their best to grab a good position for the final round.

Dandenong settles in second position

DSCN7049Mordialloc 1 and Dandenong played the first game of round 3. Dandenong is the team to watch right now – they are training hard and the results are showing. The Dandenong team had a good game with a convincing win over the Australia Day Cup finalists with a 6-1 win.


Melbourne wins after a 1st half struggle

DSCN6932Game 2 had the league leaders Melbourne taking on Warrnambool. The first half was hard fort, with Warrnambool keeping Melbourne to a 1 goal advantage. The team from Warrnambool played well and attacked the goals with great intent, there were a number of close opportunities that could of easily put the team in front by 3 or 4 goals. The Melbourne goal keeper Daniel Marin put on a great performance and really kept the Melbourne team in the game for the first half. The second half showed an improved Melbourne team with better control and attack on the ball which resulted in an additional 4 goals. Warrnambool played well but Daniel Marin played great and thats why Melbourne got the win. Final score 5-0 to Melbourne.

Lisport first victory – Mordi 2 shows improvement

DSCN6984Game 3 had Mordialloc 2 and Lisport complete the round. Lisport played a good game with an easy win. But so did Mordialloc 2.  3 good goals from the young Mordialloc team proves the effort and attention to improving is there and passion continues – great effort!
A final result of 16-3 to Lisport.




Dandenong – Mordialloc 1    [ 1-6 ]

Warrnambool – Melbourne   [ 0-5 ]

Mordialloc 2 – Lisport    [ 3-16 ]


Next Round – 26 May 2013

Mordialloc 1 VS Melbourne

Dandenong VS Mordialloc 2

Warrnambool VS Lisport