Australia Day Cup 2013


A big Tournament again!

The Australia Day Cup competition began in 2004 in Melbourne Australia and has become an annual tradition. The event is made up of club teams from across Australia with an open invitation for players and clubs from around the world. The January 2013 competition took place in the Dandenong Showgrounds, and had a total of 10 teams from Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand competing. This year there were numerous international players who joined the local teams, which helped increase the level of competition. These players came from Catalunya, France, England, Argentine and New Zealand and were welcomed by everyone.

The competition consisted in two groups, in which the teams played a league format to define the order for the Final Round games. In Group A the match between Melbourne Team and Brisbane-1, decided what team reached the final. Brisbane-1 beat Melbourne 5-3, leaving behind, probably one of the best games of the tournament. On the other side, Group B had excitement till the end, where the positions weren’t defined until the last match of the last day. Mordialloc-1 came first of that Group and Brisbane-2 finished in second position. Brisbane-1, won the Grand Final against Mordialloc-1, after an exciting and, at some points, hard game, by a tight 2-1

The final results where the following:

1. Brisbane-1
2. Mordialloc-1
3. Melbourne
4. Brisbane-2
5. Skateabout
6. Dandenong
7. Figjam
8. Lisport
9. Warnambool
10. Mordialloc-2

The atmosphere that surrounded the whole event was based on fellowship and respect for the sport rules and values. At the end of the day, everyone was happy to get together to have a play again.