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Roller Hockey is played on all five continents of the earth but mainly in the Iberian Peninsular and in South America, where next to soccer, rink hockey takes second place in sport. The history of Roller Hockey in Victoria dates back prior to World War II with games recorded between Tasmania and Geelong in 1935. The original game was played with a soft crochet ball, however today’s game uses a hard rubber ball. World Championships are held every year for men, with Group A playing in the odd numbered year, and Group B playing in the alternate year. The Women’s World Championships are played bi-annually. Group A World Championships are held for the top 16 national teams. However other teams can earn a place in this group by placing in the top four at a Group B World Championships in the preceding year.

In 1972, Australia competed in their first World Championships and have competed at this level ever since. Roller Hockey was a demonstration sport at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

The Aim of the Game: Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey is a fast, exciting, non-contact game, played by two teams. Boys, girls, men and women of all ages can play the game. Roller Hockey can be played either indoors or outdoors. The team scoring the most goals at the end of the game wins.

What is needed to play?

The basic requirements are a pair of good quality skates (either inline or traditional quad skates), a rink hockey stick, shin pads, kneepads, gloves and loin protection. The goal keeper has special requirements and wears leather leg pads, broader thicker gloves, shoulder and arm protection. The goalkeeper’s face is covered with a firm wire mask and helmet.